Friday, 7 April 2017

DeepSpaceMoolog; installation by Kirsty E Smith, moves to Testbed1 London

Staying calm but getting excited too. Kirsty E Smith at The Doodle Bar; new host to DeepSpaceMoolog
Exciting news! My installation DeepSpaceMoolog is coming to London 4th - 7th May.

The seeds of DeepSpaceMoolog started with my fascination for the ancientness of the cave drawings discovered in one of the caves at Creswell Crags in Nottinghamshire, but once inside the caves it isn’t just the ancientness that strikes you. Our guide was full of knowledge about Neolithic man and the many sub divisions of Paleolithic man but even as she was explaining more about these ancient cave occupiers my train of thought was already taking a very different route.
One of the many cave drawings discovered on the walls of Robin Hood Cave at Creswell Crags. The outline emphasised in white here for this photograph.
Detail of the digitally printed translucent curtain that is the 'cave' wall of Kirsty E Smith's installation - DeepSpaceMoolog
Being a child of the 60s I grew up in the Space Age and so of course I was open to the idea that actually these drawings could have been made by aliens! My proposal to make a a multi-media art installation suggesting this must have been convincing because I was awarded Arts Council funding to make DeepSpaceMoolog.
Charmaine. With elements of sounds from Star Trek (TOS) woven into the DeepSpaceMoolog sound track there is a strong suggestion that she has only just 'beamed down' onto this space rock. Photo by Jules Lister
Last year my focus was on making new time travelling beings (FrillipMoolog sculptures), Space Rocks for them to ‘beam down’ onto, a digitally printed cave wall - with alternative cave drawings - and a short video. Together they made DeepSpaceMoolog, an installation which I showed in Scunthorpe’s 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.
DeepSpaceMoolog (7min) film which is part of the installation. Photograph Jules Lister. 
I was really happy that so many visitors ‘got it’ and also very pleasantly surprised how many people were aware of Erich von Däniken's Ancient Astronaut Theory and also that some people even recognised the voice I’d woven into my film sound track; that of the very influential philosopher, Alan Watts. The conclusion at the end of DeepSpace Moolog’s eight week stint in Scunthorpe was that, yes many people are open to the idea of time-travel and my playful suggestion that cave drawings might have supernatural origins. (You can watch a 6 minute video interview of me talking about it).
However, I was very aware that the whole experience could be improved if I showed DeepSpaceMoolog in a more cave-like venue……

Sometimes things work out even better than you expect; not only have I found a new venue in London but it is dark, mysterious and cave-like! 

The back arches at the Doodle Bar (also known as the new Testbed1) are hosting DeepSpaceMoolog for four days in May.

The Opening Event on Thurs 4th May 6pm-9pm 
All welcome - admission is FREE 

Opening Hours for DeepSpaceMoolog in London are:
Thur 4th May 6pm - 9pm
Fri 5th May 1pm - 9pm
Sat 6th May Noon - 9pm
Sun 7th May Noon - 6pm

The Doodle Bar
60 Druid Street
0207 403 3222

The Doodle Bar is easy to get to: Underground- London Bridge or Bus- Tanner St stop A bus numbers 47, N381, 381 or N199 and it’s the perfect place to meet friends for a drink and some gourmet bar food. 

PLUS I will be there to welcome you to DeepSpaceMoolog my creative cave!