Friday, 28 November 2008

Family visit to RIBA prizewinner Accordia Living.

Much of my inspiration comes from interiors and architecture, especially memories of houses visited while I was still a child. So how will today’s cutting edge interiors affect my children? How will they affect my own work? I enjoyed watching the RIBA Stirling Prize when it was broadcast on TV recently. It has started to be a family event. We watched last year and now that my 13 year old daughter is planning to study architecture its great … another excuse to visit interesting architecture. A few weeks ago we “popped in” to check out Accordia Living by Redeham Homes.
These apartments have disguised parking below. Always one for detailing I was interested in the caged granite walls.
A street. Could our family ever live in a place like this?
This is it. Front door with garage to the right. Only room for one car though and no extra space for stuff. Really interesting garden space . I can imagine parties and entertaining here but a trampoline is a no no.
This is the 4 bedroom house that we were able to spend time in. It was certainly very interesting. It made me ask questions about what I like about my own house. What inconveniences I live with and accept on a daily basis? What I think I need but sometimes don’t use much? It really made us think about what we as a family do. We have a lot of things musical instruments, sewing machine, art equipment, lots of cooking and kitchen items and an eclectic range of furniture. No matter how well designed a building is show homes are still spooky. BUT, when compared to all other new build suburban housing (you know, the mock Georgian stuff), then Accordia is in a completely different league and that’s why, in my opinion, it rightly deserves the RIBA Stirling Award.