Saturday, 17 May 2008

And Now it's Off to Work

Madeleine had her studio shots done and is now modelling on my listing on This is a great website and in less than 24hours I had a response to my listing on it. It runs smoothly, is easy to upload to and is recognised as a first stop site for information on anything creative, especially in Derbyshire. I have two listings on it. One for Frillip Moolog
and one for AllSensesArt


Jo said...

Madeline is gorgeous. I love her form and hair. Tubby Blue has been my all time favorite but I think Madeline comes in a close second - she's lovely.

Jo said...

Sorry, of course I meant to say CHUBBY BLUE!

frillip moolog: said...

Chubby Blue and Cyril are currently in London at The Royal Academy. They've both got through the first stage of the selection proces for the Summer Exhibition and are awaiting a final verdict. Watch this space!