Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Organic and ecclectic. Inspiration before taking in Gaudi.

I'm off to Barcelona this week and already I'm thinking of organic shapes. I've had these fantastic little mesh sink drainers for a few weeks now and was planning to use them in a being which also uses the fabric from a vintage pink Crimpelene "granny suit" which I bought from Oxfam.

Yesterday I saw these galvanised rings and I feel certain that they will be significant in the new 1970's purple hessian being which has started to invade my thoughts.

It's often the way; I think that I'm all set to make one piece when suddenly forms and textures appropriate for another one rush to the forefront of my mind. I've had this image of one of Catrin Mostyn Jones vivid ceramics hanging on my pinboard for ages. I find the little protruding fins on this ring form intruiging.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

And Now it's Off to Work

Madeleine had her studio shots done and is now modelling on my listing on This is a great website and in less than 24hours I had a response to my listing on it. It runs smoothly, is easy to upload to and is recognised as a first stop site for information on anything creative, especially in Derbyshire. I have two listings on it. One for Frillip Moolog
and one for AllSensesArt

Madeleine, attention seeking and engaging

No sooner had the show at Erewash Museum opened than Madeleine had started to make her presence felt. Comments include:
-"Madeleine is lovely. I thought at first she was pregnant but now I see she is heavily corseted – perhaps wearing a bustle."
-"I decided Madeleine was rather maternal...She isn't "with child" is she?"
-"Madeleine - she's intriguing!"
Even the museum staff have started to build a relationship with her:
"Madeleine is doing well, she has her "hair" done whenever she needs it and she said to say hello!